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Three Day Workshops in Chartres


Rose Window, Rose Door

4th-6th April 2019
27th-29th June 2019
19th-21st September 2019

Light can transform you in many ways once you enter the Cathedral of Chartres. The simplicity of the pattern of the six-petaled rose at the centre of the labyrinth which acts as a doorway of consciousness contrasts with the complex designs and exquisite colours of the three great rose windows - and all of these are access points of transformation for our bodies and minds. This workshop will explore the power of the symbol of the rose and its relationship to the opening of the heart. It will also include a visit to the beautiful rose garden André Gagnon.

The Path of Jerusalem

16th-18th May 2019
8th-10th Aug 2019

In Mediaeval times, if making the pilgrimage to Jerusalem was not possible, Chartres Cathedral provided another doorway to heaven; the labyrinth, which was also known as the path of Jerusalem. Walking the labyrinth with the intention of learning how to ultimately reach the heavenly Jerusalem prepared the pilgrim to meet the spirits of all those who were part of the Judeo-Christian line of illumination, including those, like Mary Magdalene,  who had come from Jerusalem to France. This workshop will explore those connections, beautifully portrayed in sculpture and stained glass, and also with reference to my own actual journeys to Jerusalem!


General Information about Workshops

During these three day workshops I will welcome a small group to Chartres. My focus will be to share some of the experiences and perceptions which I have received during the hours I have spent in the Cathedral in the past five years and to facilitate you in making your own discoveries and opening to the deep healing energies which are present here.

Group gatherings and discussions will take place in my apartment in the old part of Chartres, a two minutes walk from the Cathedral. There will be plenty of time to sit quietly in the Cathedral and also to walk the labyrinth on the Friday. We will also visit the beautiful rose garden in the Parc André Gagnon. Lunch each day will be a mystery tour to a different good local restaurant!

In the evening you will be free to enjoy the famous Chartres Light Show.  From April to October, once dusk falls, 29 historic monuments are magically transformed with colourful illuminations which provide an entrancing stroll around the old town.

If you decide to join me for these workshops, I will be happy to make recommendations for you regarding  accommodation and will also pass on some useful travel information to you in terms of transport to Chartres.

Fee: €330 includes workshop facilitation each day from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m, morning and afternoon tea/coffee and a delicious lunch.

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Other Options: If the above dates do not suit you and/or your time is limited, please contact me at sarajanekingston@gmail.com and I will be happy to see if I can facilitate your visit to Chartres on an individual basis.


Basse Ville












north rose

North Rose Window


The Chartres Labyrinth